Current week is 39

21 Sep. 202027 Sep. 2020.

This week's Aiki-theme is "Asa Keiko" or morning practice. Every day in Tokyo, thousands of people wake up in the morning to go to practice martial arts or budo, including Aikido. Most commonly know of all the Aikido dojos is the 06:30am morning practice at the Aikikai world headquarters, the Hombu dojo, with grandson of the founder, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and the founder's great grandson, Dojo-cho, Mitsuteru Ueshiba. It's an opportunity for the foreign students to practice with the Aikido family lineage and a nostalgic feeling to be in a place of ingrained Aikido history. For the locals, however, it's just practice as usual and merely part of the Aikido daily routine. Practicing in the morning is also common with other disciplines such as yoga. There are even some who advocate that any yoga practice after 7am is pointless and without effect. Aikido has the extra dimension of practicing with others and making physical contact in the practice. This is already confronting later in the day. Even more challenging is to achieve this just after waking up. The effect is an increased awareness of personal space and energy in the body in addition to the mental and physical benefits you would expect from getting up early with motivation to practice. When done regularly these effects will be significant and you will feel a higher sense of vitality all over and a noteable improvement in your Aikido. Simply put, morning practice is good for you and your Aikido, the only challenging aspect being actually getting out of bed and yet even this aspect can be practiced and improved with time :).