Current week is 51

16 Dec. 201922 Dec. 2019.

This week's Aiki-theme "the tipping point". This week we playfully look at the the edge of kuzushi (disbalancing). If we slow it down and zoom in to that point where the balance is taken we'll see it is just a brief micro-moment that the subject disbalanced transitions from in balance to out of balance. In order to make that switch in fact very little power is required. The beginning aikido student will always put more energy than required into making their practice partner lose balance. With time the position is refined so that only the minimum force is required to make the effect. In life we would benefit from the same philosophy. Ideally we'd like to make effective changes with minimum efforts when going through life and achieving our goals. Aikido is a great tool to help us realize this. Study this tipping point and make a conscious note of what it requires physically and mentally and in connection with your practice partner.