Current week is 14

30 Mar. 20205 Apr. 2020.

This week's Aiki-theme is "training mood". To have an optimal Aikido practice we need to have a good mood. Aikido should be fun to learn but we shouldn't forget that we are learning an art. It therefore requires a certain amount of discipline and dedication from the group to help eachother move up together and thoroughly enjoy the experience. If people are not smiling but rather challenging eachother to the point of competition instead of letting the others enjoy their time, then there is something gravely wrong and the group energy will be negatively affected. It is therefore important to balance the fun with the seriousness. We should always be sincere but never to the point of frustration and over-seriousness that can lead to competitive behaviour and eventually, if we are not careful, to injury. On the other hand if we are over zealous with our fun we can end up being careless which can also lead to injury. Being on time to practice and regularly showing up keeps your practice sincere. The instructor is there to guide the balance and therefore safety at the same time. Please treat him/her with the highest attention and respect as he/she also should treat you, therefore. Wishing all a good Aikido training mood so that we can keep the smiles flowing with a fruitful and instructional practice!