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Lawrence Warry Aikido Bio

5th dan Aikikai Aikido instructor, started teacher training in 2001 as assistant of the late Peter Bacas sensei of The Netherlands.

During university times, began Aikido in 1993 in the city of Bath, England, with the late Paul Mitton sensei and, since that humble beginning, travelled the world to train with the great masters of Aikido such as Saotome shihan of USA, Fujita shihan of Japan and Asai shihan of Germany.

An especially strong connection was made with the late Fujita shihan as he was the teacher of my teacher, Peter Bacas sensei. This led also to a life long lasting friendship with other students of Fujita sensei most notably, Ze’ev Erlich sensei, 6th dan Aikikai of Israel in which we make Aikido exchanges and friendship practices on a yearly basis.

My current Aikido inspiration is Takeshi Yamashima sensei, 7th dan Aikikai, who I invite yearly together with other Aikido friends in The Netherlands.

I am owner of Shinyu Aikido dojos in The Hague and Amsterdam, an independent Aikido group of The Netherlands and I’m dojo cho of the European Patent Office Aikikai Aikido Club in The Hague, affiliated to the CABN, the organization founded by Peter Bacas sensei and formally supervised by late Fujita shihan.

I am also virtual member of The Hagukumi dojo led by Paul Jungschlager sensei, 5th dan Aikikai and my dojos invite the teachers of The Hagukumi dojo to our lessons to give class and vice versa. 

Bringing Aikido off the tatami into daily life, I became a facilitator, in 2013, of the Samurai Game® by the late George Leonard, and delivered personal transformation and leadership workshops on the basis of Aikido and the Samurai Game® for companies and communities internationally. In February 2017 I gave a TEDx talk, organized by TEDx Curator Johann Stan of Targu Mures, Romania, about my work in The Samurai Game® and using the principles of Aikido in Leadership, called “The Power of Surrender for Effective Leadership”.

Since 2010 I have a diploma in Shiatsu after 10 years shiatsu study with shiatsu master, Yoshinori Miyashita sensei.

My focus in aikido is how to improve our intelligence in the levels of emotion, connection and as a collective and use Aikido as a tool for healing our societies.

In the period 2012 to 2015 I went on peace missions visiting the Palestinian Territory of the  West Bank on a yearly basis to teach Aikido in support of the non-profit organisation, Aikido Without Borders, led by Miles Kessler sensei, 6th dan Aikikai of Tel Aviv. Here is a blog of my missions:

I currently author an online blog of weekly themes related to Aikido together with co-author Ze’ev Erlich. Our themes are shared on Facebook: