The Samurai Game® in Berlin

3rd & 4th November ’18

This will be the very first Samurai Game® EVER in Berlin! 


What is the Samurai Game®?

The Samurai Game® is a powerful life simulation which calls on your inner warrior as you roleplay the ancient samurai in a contest between two armies. At the core of this fun game are some serious principles of Jungian psychology which build a foundation to provide the potential for a transformational process to the individual and the game is ingrained with ancient Samurai wisdom!

Who is the Samurai Game® for?

Essentially , this workshop is for everybody!

Whether your are a business leader, a teacher, a factory worker, working in the office, running a business or a student, this workshop is for you. In any case, we are all students of life!

The Samurai Game® will help you: 

  • Develop your potential by identifying your strengths and seek to transform your fears and insecurities into confidence.
  • Improve your leadership skills.
  • Be a better communicator.
  • Understand your behaviour and emotional responses under pressure and decide if you want to keep or change certain behaviours.
  • Better manage your time and stress in your life.
  • Make your actions and decisions in your life be more meaningful and bring you closer to your sense of purpose.

About the Facilitator (Lawrence Warry, Certified Samurai Game® Facilitator):


Before becoming a facilitator, Lawrence had a lengthy background as a martial arts instructor (namely, the martial art of Aikido, in which he is a 4th dan instructor).

Seeing the powerful and impactful changes the Samurai Game® has brought to so many peoples’ lives in games he delivered in The Netherlands, Bulgaria, The Ukraine and Switzerland, Lawrence dedicates himself to deliver his facilitation service to your communities, companies and organizations.



About the Event:

This event is organised with the highest safety standards taken into consideration. Although the game involves one-on-one challenges between individuals of two teams, the challenges are never physically over-demanding and people of all fitness levels may join. The game requires the minimum of equipment and the maximum of your inner resource of courage and strength to face up to the challenges. The challenges are designed to prompt people to (amongst other things): reflect on how they respond to stress; face the dilemma between (and develop the art of balancing) honour for the team and honour for the self; pay attention and be in the present moment.

To sign in:

Just send a message to Lawrence saying you like to join. The payment method will then be transmitted to you.

You can reach Lawrence John Warry on Facebook or via the contact form below or email:

Event Location:

At TomoSi Aikido Dojo, Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin, Germany.

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