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1 Jan. 2024 to 7 Jan. 2024.

image1 This week's Aiki-theme is Extension. Extension promises an expansion in potential, a more effective use of our centre, a better overview of the whole picture and a broadening of the space which we can hold. Extension promises bigger and better things! Extension in daily practice, in fitness and health, in trying harder and pushing more to reach your goals. Extension of the arm is used in aikido to make the posture robust and unbendable. Extension of the view makes the appraisal of opportunities more clear. Extension of the mind allows the synapses in the brain to activate and create new links in thinking and awareness. Extension to others allows us to reach out and give a helping hand. Extensions allow us generally to have a more vivid perspective of the world and what we can do in it. But there are also moments when we can over-extend to the point of losing balance, focus and meaning in what we are doing. Over-extension can put you and others in a position of danger or a role of a victim. You might get over-zealous with a technique, for example, and end up hurting yourself or someone else. When we under-extend we may find ourselves dissatisfied with our situation, with the technique or with our relationships and life in general. For a beautiful vibrant life Aikido asks us therefore to extend with control, care and responsibility for ourselves and others.