Aikido Online

Due to the current worldwide situation of the corona virus, all classes are delivered online ‘free of charge’.

If you enjoyed our lessons, please consider making a contribution to Shinyu Body & Mind. Thank you!

Contributions by bank transfer to:

SHINYU BODY & MIND, ABN-AMRO, Rijswijk, The Netherlands.

IBAN NL36ABNA0567143392


Dear Aikido Friends,

There has been a calling for me to do a live streaming lesson and I decided to accept the invitation! So this Saturday, at 12 noon I will provide you with an online 1hr session.

  • Warming up
  • Rolling
  • Practicing Ukemi without mats
  • Tai Sabaki (foot work) inc foot work for Aikido techniques.
  • Bokken/wooden stick

What you should do if you want to join:

  • Make sure you have the Zoom app.
  • Use this link to join the meeting:
    and be prepared to link up 5m before we start.
  • Wear the aikido clothes, puts you in the mood.
  • Try to have with you a bokken or stick if not you can do without too.
  • If you dont have mats use a soft surface such as a carpet and maybe cover with a towel in case you sweat.

The lesson is free of charge but you are welcome to make a donation to Shinyu Aikido ?.. here above you can find the Shinyu bank account

Looking forward to practice with you tomorrow!