Samurai Game®

Are you willing:
– to learn?
– to grow?
– to reconsider your mindset?
– to think out of the box?

Certified Facilitator: Lawrence Warry

The Samurai Game® is a facilitated workshop which can be produced in a business or public environment created and copyrighted by George Leonard in 1977. The workshop brings a group of people together in a new world (the world of the ancient feuding samurai) wherein the group divides into two armies and does battle until one army is clearly defeated. At that point, there are some dramatic decisions to be made by the leaders of the armies! Battles of the Samurai Game® are non-violent and and involve challenges in balance, skill and sometimes aesthetic prowess. When the war is over, participants step back in to the 21st century and evaluate their realizations and an opportunity for sharing/feedback about their realizations is provided.

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Image of the pilot event participants at Abn-Amro headquaters, Amsterdam Zuidas, September 2022

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