Shinyu Partner Dojos

In addition to the Shinyu Clubs in The Hague and Amsterdam, you have also the opportunity to explore other Aikido programs of our partner dojos and teacher friends (note the membership subscription of these dojos is outside the scope of the Shinyu membership). Our friend dojos often collaborate in inviting similar teachers (Yamashima Sensei, Dirk Müller Sensei, Ze’ev Erlich Sensei and more) and we sometimes invite our friend dojo teachers to teach at our classes, providing a true community feeling beyond official boundaries.

Aikido Delft & Ypenburg Dojos

Contact Person: Martin Mühlenbrock

Website with practice times:

Hagukumi Dojo, The Hague

Contact Person: Paul Jungschlager (+31 641862710)

Website with practice times:

Kokoro Dojo, The Hague

Contact Person: Igor Cantalapiedra (+31 630800546)

Website with practice times:

Renshinkan Dojo, Utrecht

Contact Person: Bas Dietvorst (+31 611920979)

Website with practice times: