The Facilitator


Lawrence Warry is the first officially certified Samurai Game® facilitator established in The Netherlands. Since March 2013, Lawrence has been offering public and corporate Samurai Game® workshops.

“I had a lengthy background as a martial arts instructor (namely, the martial art of Aikido, in which I am a 4th dan instructor) before I met worldwide Samurai Game® facilitator coordinator, Lance Giroux in 2009. When Lance visited The Netherlands the next year and told me about his work, I became enthused and knew this was where my path is taking me. Without hesitation, I signed up for faciliator training and, after a three year programme of training and experiencing the game at different worldwide events, I stood up and facilitated my first workshop in March 2013. Since then I’ve run several workshops, each one very different to the other, with huge learning and leaving profound impressions on me and the participants. There is so much potential for the Samurai Game® to have a positive impact on our society today. I’m looking forward to meet new groups of people and guide them in The Samurai Game® for many years to come!”

Facilitator Lawrence Warry TEDx’ed it!