The bird standing on the weak branch trusts not the branch but it’s own wings.

Train your wisdom (TSG Samurai Game Workshops, Retreats, Team Building and Leadership Training).


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Do you live and/or work in the Zuidas of Amsterdam? This is your opportunity to make a mini retreat every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime instead of talk work with colleagues. Located in a cosy living room space, configured especially for body & mind workshops, it is perfect for one hour of complete relaxation with body & mind exercises to help you get direct relief from daily working stresses.

Registration is simple. Call Lawrence on 0624603343 or email shinyubodyandmind@gmail.com for registration.

Price is 10 eur per session or 75 eur for a 10 session card.Up and coming Samurai Game® events organised by Shinyu Body & Mind

For the events, click here-below for the facebook events:
Samurai Game Rotterdam 21st of April 2018: https://www.facebook.com/events/2037935853147894/
Samurai Game Kiev, Ukraine 2 & 3 June 2018: https://www.facebook.com/events/1799624503422424/


“A huge opportunity to ‘know’ yourself differently, to reevaluate and honor yourself and others in new ways. The insights and experiences create a chance to live more freely and aware, with yourself and in your social encounters.”


– Marie-Jose Hakens

“By having an immersive experience, without outer distractions like computers and mobile phones, it is more possible to really interact with each other. Thus this type of event can be a great way for people to connect in a playful manner and share the experience in a profound way.”

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– Thomas van den Heuvel

“Spontaneous, intrigued and challenging experience which will remain in my mind forever. Certainly looking forward to participate again in a Samurai Game® event and encounter different adventure”.


– Margarita Velcheva

“During the day of the game I realized a lot of life enriching lessons that keep me busy still today, over 2 months after the game. It has made me realize certain things about me, my life and my place in society that I probably knew, but never acknowledged. It showed me the value of these insights and made me implement them in my daily life.”







– Maurice Zondag


“I highly recommend the Samurai Game© as an aikidoka and game designer! I experienced the game to be an overall intense experience. It gave me some interesting insights about myself and allowed be to reconnect to the moment” 










– Micah Hrehovcsik

“It’s nice to participate in the game with some people you know and some that you don’t. You can learn a lot about each other.” 








– Irina Bedicova

“There will likely be a moment, when you’ll be challenged; maybe you’ll get slightly surprised, embarrassed, or pissed, for instance. This is when things become more interesting..” 






– Xavier Chatelier, The Hague

“This is a meaningful game, where you have the opportunity to experience and discover what really matters for you.”


–  Johann Stann

“The Samurai Game is hands-on, practical, down to earth and accessible to all levels. It has been a weekend full of a-ha moments and meaningful connections.”


– Ina Catrinescu

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