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Samurai Game in Berlin® 11 & 12 August

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Shin-Yu Embodied Learning

By “embodied learning”, we mean any learning which develops human potential, by way of group dynamics, personal development, coaching, leadership training, team building, developing awareness, practicing to live vivdly in the present moment, etc.

The tool provided by Shin-Yu Body & Mind to give such a learning is in the form of a workshop, part of which is a game. It is called “The Samurai Game®”, founded by the late philospher, writer and aikido teacher, George Leonard, and the game is by international law of copyright owned by the Leonard Trust.

As a certified Samurai Game® facilitator, Lawrence Warry provides private and public Samurai Game® workshops. Keep an eye on the events and schedule, therefore, for up and coming public events or book a private event (click here to send a message).

Shin-Yu Embodied Learning is a part of Shin-Yu Body & Mind. Kvk number: 61761222.

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